Your Healings

All healing is essentially the release from fear.

Here you can share the healings you have experienced as a result of studying A Course In Miracles. The Course says that a “miracle” is a shift in perception – from fear to love, from the unreal to the real, from separation to oneness.

ACIM says that healing itself is not a miracle, but the natural result of the shift in our thoughts and attitudes.

One thought on “Your Healings”

  1. I’ll start. When I first started studying ACIM in earnest, I was still not speaking to my mother. She and I had a long, unpleasant adversarial history. We bickered and argued and were cold to each other. She tried to control me as if she was “The Mother” – and I still treated her as if I was a little girl and she was “The Mother”… and we both resented it.

    On my birthday, I was sitting on the floor in my office, reading a book and the phone rang – it was “The Mother”. She said, “Happy birthday, Treesh,” and I said, “Thank you for making that possible.”

    From there, the conversation went down hill. Something in me finally recognized that things between us would never change if I continued thinking of her and our relationship in the same way I’d thought of it for 40+ years. SOMEONE had to DO something to change this dynamic.

    Next thing I knew, I found myself closing my eyes and gritting my teeth and saying to myself, silently, “I am WILLING to SEE this DIFFERENTLY.” Then these words flew out of my mouth: “I just want us to love each other and to be friends.” We were both, quite frankly, shocked. Our interaction was peaceful for another few minutes until the badgering began again. I again said to myself, “I am willing to see this differently,” and the same words came out again, “I just want us to love each other and to be friends.

    Well, it went back and forth like that several times until something BROKE. The old attitudes and behaviors just ended, never to return. For the rest of her years on the planet, she and I had a very loving, kind, polite, gracious relationship.

    And THAT, my friends was a MIRACLE. And the truth of it was, we had always loved each other and had always been friends… we just forgot at some point and didn’t behave as if we were friends. I later discovered I’d been circumcised as a little girl, and I imagine that is when I forgot my Identity and hers, as well..

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