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Forgiveness is “for giving ourselves peace of mind and healthy bodies”

Forgiveness, according to the dictionary, is to stop feeling anger and resentment. The word for hell in the Aramaic language, that Jesus spoke, is the same as the word for anger. Need there be a greater hell than anger and resentment? This video might help…

Resentment, according to some scientists, physicians and metaphysicians, is at the root of cancer. How very practical to let go of anger and resentment!

According to A Course In Miracles,

  1. Forgiveness is the key to happiness. (Lesson 121)
  2. Forgiveness might be called a kind of happy fiction. (Teacher’s Manual)

Forgiveness, then, is an illusion, but because of its purpose, which is the Holy Spirit’s, it has one difference. Unlike all other illusions it leads away from error and not towards it.

Forgiveness might be called a kind of happy fiction; a way in which the unknowing can bridge the gap between their perception and the Truth. They cannot go directly from perception to Knowledge because they do not think it is their will to do so. This makes God appear to be an enemy instead of what He really is. And it is just this insane perception that makes them unwilling merely to rise up and to return to Him in peace.

And so they need an illusion of help because they are helpless; a Thought of peace because they are in conflict.

Forgiveness is one form of releasing fear (anger and resentment) so that we can then return to the awareness of Love’s presence.

“How to Forgive” Video + A Free Gift

Please watch this video and consider using this simple, effective way to clean up the past, to rid your mind of anger, resentment, sorrow, grief, fear and terror.  It has worked for me and many others; perhaps it will work for you too.


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