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“Watching and listening to these superb video lessons got me out of my rut. I had been stuck with a daily lesson for weeks or sometimes months and would sometimes stop doing them altogether. The illusion of time would pass and then I would be drawn back to them and then repeat the cycle. I felt that one lesson could take a lifetime or longer to absorb. In the introduction to the Workbook For Students it states concerning the exercises ‘You are not asked to judge them at all. You are asked only to use them.’ I had forgot about that until now. Patricia’s wonderful and creative lessons have helped me to lighten up and to see the possibility of not judging the lessons or myself. I look forward to each one. Her pleasant voice and joyful spirit will keep reminding me to lighten up and enjoy the journey. Thank you, Patricia for your loving dedication to these Divine messages.” – Stafford

“I am delighted and heartened by your videos. Some mornings it is hard for my eyes to focus and then the sound of your voice sees me through the lesson. Thank you.” – Martin

“Thanks for helping me stay with my lessons. You are like family. I enjoy your presentations and kind and fun video messages!” – Wendy

“I love your series!!  You rock!  When I start the workbook again I’ll be signing on with you, too.  Thanks so much.  Love you!” – Rosemary

“Thank you auntie Patricia!! The videos are great fun and I am enjoying them immensely!!!” – Rick

“Hi Patricia!! I love your videos!!  I have a wonderful time watching them… thank you!!!” – Susana

“Yes! Really helping me get to the depth of each lesson.” – Ava

“I am not new to the workbook, but found something ‘new’ or ‘seen anew/deeper’ while watching this video today.  Today has been good, since thanks to my practising inspired by your video, I managed to reach the real world – unlike yesterday. Deeply grateful.” – Christian in the UK

“I cannot tell you how wonderful your lessons have been for me… a sense of humor too… we must not forget to laugh… you are working the course for so many, with insightful understanding.” – Barbara

“Thank you for taking the time to do this!! Loads of love…” – Rebecca

“Thank you so much the workbook available on-line.  I have been studying the Course for 4 years and have found it difficult to do the workbook at a consistent time each day.  No more I can do it consist every morning. Your sense of humor and down to earth presentation is a joy to start the day with. Many Blessings…” – Valerine

“I’d like to say thank you for your videos of ACIM. I like them very much and a appreciate your Job! You’ve become part of my daily life!  Thank you so much, because the videos help me a lot as another way to feel the love we are never seperated from, whatever our daily dream may look like.” – Jens, Kiel, Germany

“I love your daily videos, Patricia… thank you.” – Jeff

“Thanks for this new way of present the excercises.There are so nice and kind and easy to follow and practise.” – Adriana, Argentina

What a sweet spirit you have to share the lessons with everyone on Youtube. – Michael

Thank you so much for the daily videos on ACIM`s Workbook lessons. I do not miss any of them and even sometimes I listen to them more than once. Your passion has encouraged me to study the lessons, once more.  I have been an ACIM student for the last 10 years, without interruption, and I heard about your amazing videos by The Messengers of Peace. Since then you are a very important part of my life, together with ACIM. – Mónica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am not a Course in Miracles student but I started watching your videos and became subscriber of your channel on YouTube about a month ago. I must congratulate you for your originality and clearness in presenting the lessons. – Jorge, Azores Island

“Thank you very much for making your videos available.  You have a wonderful screen presence and sense of humor.  I look forward every morning to your presence.  You are a great help in keeping me focused on my daily dose of the Course!  Peace be with You Allways and in All Ways.” – Wallen, Hawaii

“Your video recordings of each days Lessons are such a tremendous blessing for me. I do each lesson and we do them together. It is the perfect gift for me to help me with my daily ACIM lessons. I so much appreciate getting your e-mails for the past year and the video is what really helped me to have the message in my heart and mind all day. Your kind and gentle essence is so comforting as I do the lesson while watching you on video. You are my angel. These daily lessons are the most significant thing in my life and now having you assist me with actually doing them together is just what I needed to stay focused on this goal.  I also enjoy and appreciate the work that went into all the power point statements as well as your humor — like today with Dracula! Your are a gift to me from Holy Spirit. It is just hat I needed and you deliver the message so perfectly for me to experience it when I watch you on video. – Wendy

“A Course in Miracles is a Life-saver.  I am aware of no philosophy or theology that is more profound or intuitively correct. It covers Everything. Its beautiful, poetic style and imagery are irresistible. And the gentle healing process of forgiveness is so doable and dependable and powerful, that I am in need of nothing else. All I can do is say, Thank You!” – Marshall

The most beneficial thing I learned through the courses is that I shouldn’t judge people very easily and put them in separate boxes because there may be a lot of things which I do not know actually but I take for granted, as if they had happened in the way I imagined. And usually human beings are much more intent to see the negativities rather than the positive sides. So, if you don’t have sufficient information, do not judge and don’t try to fill in the blanks with negative thoughts. Instead try to see the positive sides of the people. – Mehmet, Istanbul, Turkey

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