Lesson 089 – Review of ideas 77-78


These are our review ideas for today:

(77) I am entitled to miracles.

I am entitled to miracles because I am under no laws but God’s. His laws release me from all grievances, and replace them with miracles. And I would accept the miracles in place of the grievances, which are but illusions that hide the miracles beyond. Now I would accept only what the laws of God entitle me to have, that I may use it on behalf of the function He has given me.

You might use these suggestions for specific applications of this idea:

Behind this is a miracle to which I am entitled.
Let me not hold a grievance against you, [name], but offer you the miracle that belongs to you instead.
Seen truly, this offers me a miracle.

(78) Let miracles replace all grievances.

By this idea do I unite my will with the Holy Spirit’s, and perceive them as one. By this idea do I accept my release from hell. By this idea do I express my willingness to have all my illusions be replaced with truth, according to God’s plan for my salvation. I would make no exceptions and no substitutes. I want all of Heaven and only Heaven, as God wills me to have.

Useful specific forms for applying this idea would be:

I would not hold this grievance apart from my salvation.
Let our grievances be replaced by miracles, [name].
Beyond this is the miracle by which all my grievances are replaced.

One thought on “Lesson 089 – Review of ideas 77-78”

  1. I like knowing that I am entitled to miracles whether I think I deserve them or not. I no longer choose to try and justify grievances. To do so is to living in the illusion. Grievances imply a draining, depressing, preoccupation with something that isn’t real and if that wasn’t bad enough, it is hell and blocks the truth. I say no thank you, theres got to be something better. Like present moment joyous living, with Loving guidance that is always true and eternal.

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