2 thoughts on “Lesson 147 – My mind holds only what I think with God. Review of ideas 133-134”

  1. I remember once meeting up with a friend at a local grocery store. I was a new student of the course and I was so excited about it.

    “Mark!” I said, “I’m studying this book and it says there is no such thing as sin!”

    He looked at me very seriously and said in a booming voice, “YES THERE IS!”

    I sure like the part of the bible that says man was made in the image and likeness of God. I often wonder how it came to be that religions teach people that they are sinners. Jesus saw mistakes and he sure was not happy with the scribes and pharisees, but didn’t teach that we are born sinners. Just a few minutes with a baby will convince anyone of our innate purity and innocence.

  2. I only value what is real. Sin is not real. I practice true forgiveness to the best of my ability by looking beyond all illusions to what is true. Walking on the path with you Patricia is delightful.

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