3 thoughts on “Lesson 145 – My mind holds only what I think with God. Review of ideas 129-130”

  1. Oh, Stafford, I wish I was always focused only on the Real. It certainly deserves my undivided attention, forever. I have found that it’s not as easy as it sounds. The world is all about distraction from the heaven within. And we are here for a purpose – to release the fear we carry that stands between us and our awareness of Love. So there is healing to do. This planet is a hospital and healing/ releasing is our work. When it is done, our attention naturally goes within… to the peace in our hearts.

  2. I withdrawl my attention from this world and focus instead on a world that is true and kind. I understand that to see the world I truly want, I cannot be switching back and forth between worlds, so I focus only on the real. This is another helpful lesson Patricia.

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